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Together for the Gospel

Posted by David Smith on

On behalf of the Global Partnership Team and leadership of GPBC, I want to say “Thank You!” to you, our faith community, for helping make our Global Partnership Emphasis a great success. And when I say success, I not only mean the amount of pledges we have received but the overall participation of the community in lifting up the name of Jesus and longing to see His kingdom spread throughout the earth. It was truly encouraging to reflect on the rich legacy of God’s movement in our church, to be inspired by what Jesus is doing in and through this community all over the world, and to see the excitement for how the Holy Spirit will move through us in the coming years.

As a brief recap of our three weeks of the Global Partnership Emphasis:

  • We learned from Dr. Tim Robnett that being “Together for the Gospel” means that there are not only the ones who are sent, but there are the ones who send. And that both those who are sent and those who send are vital to the spread of the Gospel.
  • We learned from our very own Don Westerberg that being “Together for the Gospel” also means that not only are we together as a local church and the global Church, but we are together with believers who have gone before us in years past. We were challenged to learn from their witness, that we might more fully comprehend the scope of God’s love and his working in the world.
  • We were introduced to three new Global Partners! And with those, we were privileged to hear of Gospel-work being done among Muslims in Portland, North African Muslims, and Muslims in Russia.
  • With the blessing of Skype, we spoke with Global Partners in the Philippines and Spain!
  • We heard two special presentations in our combined Adult Class on local ministry among Muslims and pastoral care of our Global Partners.
  • We celebrated Leyda Vickers’ faithful service as a Global Partner of GPBC!

What an incredible three weeks! How much more incredible is our great Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ! It is a gift of grace that He has given us the opportunity to partner with Him on His mission to see all peoples come to worship Him.

One way we partner with Jesus is by making a financial pledge, as those who send, to support those who are sent. As a reminder, these pledges are what make up our Global Partner budget and so, we need these in as soon as possible, in order to construct our budget for the new fiscal year that begins on July 1. If you would like to make a financial pledge and haven’t yet turned one in, we encourage you to turn it in this Sunday, bring it by the office, or submit it online:

Thank you again for demonstrating what it means to be “Together for the Gospel.”


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