Adult Education

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Sunday Classes 

Adult classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15am. Their purpose is to exalt Jesus and to keep Him at the center of our lives. Our desire is to equip and encourage people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. It is also an opportunity for people to connect in a smaller setting beyond the large church gathering.

We have ongoing classes that meet throughout the year as well as four to six-week elective classes to help people know Him better, understand and apply the Word to everyday living and to learn life skills for living in the family of Jesus as well as in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and community. 

No registration is necessary for our Sunday classes unless otherwise noted. You are welcome to simply show up any Sunday and give them a try. We certainly hope you do!

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Connection Point

Taught By Don Westerberg
Deschutes Room

We will begin a book study on the topic of one of the most overlooked areas of the spiritual life, the keeping of our soul. Utilizing John Ortberg’s book Soul Keeping, we will spend time looking at the topic of what he calls, “Caring for the most important part of you.” Culturally, we Americans spend much time working on the health and appearance of our bodies, but give very little attention to the health of our souls. Ortberg says, “Greatness of soul is available to people who do not have the luxury of being ecstatic about the condition and appearance of their bodies.”  Come join us for a study that will serve to be like a spa for the soul. But don’t expect to come through this study feeling pampered. It will be more like a workout than a stint in the sauna. Hopefully, we will emerge with the heart cry of David, “Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.”

Truth Seekers: Basic Bible for Internationals

Taught By Sherrie Love
Clackamas Room

Truth Seekers is an adult class designed specifically for internationals or those who are unfamiliar with the Bible.

The Book of Titus

Hosted by: The Come and See Class
Taught by Dick Middlebrooks
Columbia Room

Join us as we dive into this book that teaches how to live the Jesus life within an infamously sinful society. This class has begun a careful study of the book of Titus, a letter from Paul, the church planter with instructions to Titus, the church builder. The qualifications and function of elders and the role of women are among the highlights.

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Want to get connected beyond Sunday morning?


Run For God

We are starting a second Run For God class at GPBC! This class combines studying the Word with exercise while building relationships with one another and learning how to live a healthier lifestyle!

The Run For God 5K Challenge is a 12-week Bible study that focuses on endurance and faith. The course is designed to allow anyone the opportunity to walk or run a 5K—regardless of fitness level—and draws parallels between a physical race and our journey with God.

  • Physically- We will create a healthier you and make it possible to reach a new demographic of non-believers-potential believers! Matthew 28:19-20
  • Mentally- Learn the discipline and endurance that it takes to “run the race set before us.” Hebrews 12:1
  • Spiritually- Learn always to give God the glory for all that we accomplish. Psalms 86:12

 Our next class starts Wednesday February 20.  The class will run on Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm through May 1!

You can register here.