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Sunday Classes 

Adult classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15am. Their purpose is to exalt Jesus and to keep Him at the center of our lives. Our desire is to equip and encourage people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. It is also an opportunity for people to connect in a smaller setting beyond the large church gathering.

We have ongoing classes that meet throughout the year as well as four to six-week elective classes to help people know Him better, understand and apply the Word to everyday living and to learn life skills for living in the family of Jesus as well as in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and community. 

No registration is necessary for our Sunday classes unless otherwise noted. You are welcome to simply show up any Sunday and give them a try. We certainly hope you do!

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Current Classes

GP Emphasis Classes

On April 30 and May 7, our adult classes will combine for special presentations from three of our global partners in the Mt Hood/Mt St Helen's rooms (upstairs). Everyone is welcome to join!

Life With Kids Gathering

Led by Ian and Jessica Heimbegner
Mt Adams Room (Upstairs)
Begins April 23

Join us Sunday mornings with others that are in the season of parenthood! Come for connection, renewal and laughter. Our focus is relationships; to Jesus, our families, and each other. Each week is different! You can expect a welcoming atmosphere with light discussion and a sprinkling of guest speakers. Parents of babies, kids and teens this is the place for you! Facilitators, Ian and Jessica Heimbegner are parents of four children aged 6-14. Hope to see you there!

Christianity 101

Taught by Tim Jorgens
Willamette Room

Come and discuss the basics of the Christian faith, in a class designed for those who did not grow up in a Christian culture. We will cover the basic tenants of the Christian faith, what it means and why we believe it to be true. Bring your questions; we will answer as many as we can.

Whether you grew up in another country, or simply in a home where the name “Jesus” was not used with reverence, this class is for you!

Topics include:

  • There is a God, and it’s not me!
  • God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things
  • The Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible
  • We messed up, and now we need help (sin)
  • Who is Jesus, and why did He die?
  • How good do you have to be to go to heaven?

Hosted by: The Connection Point Class
Taught By Don Westerberg
Deschutes Room

In the new year we will be using Onward by Russell Moore as the perfect follow-up to the book of Judges and Ruth. Moore leads us to consider the role of the Church in a culture that “increasingly sees it as socially awkward at best, and subversive at worst.” We will investigate not only where we currently find ourselves as a culture, but how we can, as the Church of Jesus, engage that culture without losing the integrity of the gospel. The study includes six video sessions which introduces some of the key concepts we will consider.

The Book of Hebrews

Hosted by: The Come and See Class
Taught by Dick Middlebrooks
Columbia Room

We face many circumstances and challenges in life we simply surrender to, leaving us immature in our faith and incomplete as image bearers of Christ. The author of Hebrews writes passionately, encouraging the believer to not drift away but to press on to inherit what has been promised to them. Join us as we give the author our full attention this season, so that we may also learn to hold unswervingly to the Hope we profess.

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