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Happy Father's Day!

Posted by Jay Gjurgevich on

I have often said that two of the most humbling times in my life happened the day I got married and the days that each of my four children were born. And when I say “humbling”, these were events that brought forced humility to my life, realizing that I had to place other...

"Wait, What?"

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When I accepted the invitation from GPBC to be a candidate for the Lead Pastor position several months ago, I remember talking with one of my friends in church ministry about the potential of serving in the role. We talked about the challenge that it would be for my family to move from Arizona...

Go Big!

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It was the worst cake that I have ever tasted, but it was also the most memorable. I usually really like carrot cake, but this was unlike any carrot cake that I had ever tasted, and it was so bad that it probably ruined my taste for carrot cake from that point forward. But it was worth it! My...

Celebrating the Rest

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If you really think about it, celebrations can be such a hassle sometimes. All the preparation, the invitations and RSVPs, the financial cost, the cleaning and baking and cooking, the hosting, the clean-up, it’s enough to make you wonder, is it really worth it? In our family, we have a...

The Only Constant

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Change comes to all of us in different ways and at different times. Sometimes, change is predictable and we can see it coming. Other times, we can only see change when we are right in the middle of it. Some of us love change, we love the possibilities that it brings, and we relish in the...