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Richard McElroy

Richard McElroy

Eldermobile: 503-997-6399

Hello and God bless you! I’m Richard. My life and all that’s dear to me springs from the gracious hand of God. My greatest joy after Jesus is my beautiful bride Susan. She said, “yes” many years ago. God led us to be a part of this church community just after we married and settled in Portland. Small groups, Sunday school classes, and consistent teaching from all the sermons have shaped us into wanting to continue following hard after God.

I love doing whatever needs to be done. Rock a crying baby? Yes. Paint a wall in the student center? Yes. Lend a hand with a lesson for a class? Yes. I am so excited to see how God is touching lives here at Greater Portland Bible Church and I thrill at being a part of it. I’m constantly amazed at the love, the diversity and life of our church family. Jesus is making himself known all over the place.

Hobbies/Interests: Sharing time with family and friends, felling trees, splitting wood, building furniture, hiking in the mountains, running, taking pictures, managing a flock of chickens and finding great independent coffee shops, bakeries, breakfast cafes, etc...

Richard is a member of our preaching team. If you would like to check out his latest sermon, click below: