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    The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

    09.27.17 | Book Recommendation | by David Smith

    Most, if not all of us, would say that pride is something we struggle with. And if we were being really honest, most of us would agree that we don't just struggle with pride--it's more like a constant, daily battle to not be consumed by it...

      Living Out the Gospel at Home

      05.17.17 | by David Smith

      We’ve all been there before. You get home from the end of a long day and you’re so tired you just want to do something that’s completely mindless. You may be physically, mentally, and emotionally drained, and the last thing you...

        The Prayer of Examen

        12.20.16 | Spiritual Disciplines | by David Smith

        Tell me if you can relate to this: it’s a Tuesday; you get up, go to work or school, go about your daily life and responsibilities, and as you get into your bed at night you realize that you haven’t had one thought about God all day!...