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Thoughts from the Emergency Room

Posted by Blake Wilkes on

Last week, during the great 2017 snow storm, I had to spend some time in the emergency room. Now don’t worry, everything is ok and the doctor and nurses took great care of me. Since most of the clinics and doctor’s offices were closed due to the weather, the emergency room was rather busy. There were many people there for all kinds of reason from broken bones to the flu and other illnesses.

It was interesting to think back on how my illness progressed to the point where I had to go the emergency room. I knew that God was with me through each moment. Even when I was my weakest He was there. What hope there is in the fact that no matter what, no matter the situation, circumstances, or what I have done, God is there.

How many of those in the emergency room that night knew this? God isn’t just there idly standing by and watching. He is working and caring as the great Shepherd that He is. Psalms 23 has never rung truer for me. It was Him that renewed my strength; it was Him that gave me hope. But how often do we forget this? When skies are clear and all is well how often do we forget the God is our Shepherd? We would rather be the sheep that looks for our own pasture our own waters. Yet even then, God chases after us and He never will stop. We can always take hope in that.        


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