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Posted by Joyce Wachsmuth on

For the past four months there has been major remodeling going on in our home. Doug and I have lived in our home for 44 years and have done other remodeling projects through the years. One thing we have learned through these projects is that we need to be patient about the process because it takes time and it can be frustrating. At the beginning of our current project my husband, Doug, thought he could do some of the work himself. However, after some advice from others, he realized we needed a general contractor to tackle the bathroom. After four months of construction in our home, we now have a new roof, new gutters, and almost a new bathroom!
The real blessing for us has been how we have seen the Lord work. He has provided bids that protected us financially and provided people to help us in the project. Joan Smith, in particular, has been a real blessing to me in the selection of material and the design of the bathroom.
The remodeling could have prevented us from having people in our home and from hosting ALPHA this fall. Instead, we’ve continued to host in our home despite the inconvenience. Optimistically, we thought our remodeling project would be done by the time we started ALPHA in September. Instead, it was still in full swing with a portable “potty” for the workers in the front yard and an unfinished bathroom! I am reminded again that hospitality is not about what the house and its surrounding look like, but our availability to open our home and make our guests feel welcomed and loved.
As I continue to read and journal through the Bible every day and attend women’s Bible study, I feel that there is constant “remodeling” in my heart to change and grow. I need to be willing to change and allow the Holy Spirit access to the places that need changing. Studying the book of Acts motivates me to share the gospel more and really look at how the apostles lived their lives.  In women’s Bible study, I am learning so much about putting on the whole armor of God in Ephesians 6. I am more aware of the enemy’s tactics in my life and how I can be more strategic in my prayer life so I can to combat the enemy. Our instructor via DVD, Priscilla Shirer, has been excellent in her teaching. Additionally, being a part of a small group of women helps me further my understanding of Scripture and how I can be more accountable in my walk with Jesus.
As a fellow follower of Jesus, I encourage you to be in the Word and join me as the Lord continues to remodel our lives to be more like Him. It is a lifelong pursuit for His honor and glory!


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