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People of All Nations

Posted by Laurel Nordlund on

There is a new excitement in our children’s program. Teacher Shirley is practicing greeting in Chinese and Teacher Jeff is studying Chinese with the help of JJ and Wendy. Last week the preschool sang Jesus Loves Me in Mandarin, Spanish and Italian. The kids were completely engaged and wanted to sing it in even more languages. The elementary girls are busy practicing an Indonesian dance to share with you on Community Sunday. 

We are becoming a People of All Nations, with families from China, Mexico, Indonesia, and Sierra Leone joining with the rest of us who also represent several states and nations. Pastor Wayne has been taking us through the book of Acts with a focus on moving from “me to we.” Jesus desires to use us together in our diversity to share The Big God Story with the nations and peoples that surround our church, those who live in our neighborhoods, and anywhere else He would choose to send us. What a joy to be part of a faith community that speaks many languages. We can display God to many more people! 

I invited some of our international faith community to my home before Christmas. Jing and Yolanda took me to the Asian Food Center in Beaverton, and we purchased food for Jing to prepare a Chinese meal for Isata, Meama, Senya, Davina and the three of us. We had a variety of indigenous dishes, all delicious, warming both our hearts and our stomachs. What a treat it was for me to celebrate Christmas with People of All Nations. We made Christmas tree decorations, shared our lives, and I was so thankful that they said “yes” to an opportunity to shift my Christmas focus from “me to we.” It was a highlight of the season for me.

This weekend is Community Sunday. Come and celebrate with us as we hear from several of our international faith community and learn more about the blessing that God has given to us through their presence in our midst. His Presence shines uniquely through each of them. Look for it! Plan to stay for lunch and share an international meal. It will be a time to narrow the gap from “me to we.”


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