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How's it Going?

Posted by Wayne Williams on

A couple of questions have been coming up very frequently in recent weeks: “How’s the transition going?” and, “When are you leaving?” Two quick answers: “Very well, thank you,” and, “I’m not.”

It’s becoming increasingly clear as the weeks go by that Jesus was at work to bring Pastor Jay and GPBC together. It’s a great fit! Jay has been readily accepted by the church staff as their next leader; his preaching has been well received and beneficial; and he and Katie are very quickly engaging the life of our community. Jay says our church is everything we represented it to be during the candidating process, and more. He likes it here.

I’m not done, and I’m not leaving. Greater Portland has been home to Paulette and me for 27 years, and I have been a part of the pastoral staff for less than half that time. Our relationship to this community is about far more than whatever role I or we have held. Our elders have, however, graciously provided me with a three-month sabbatical. During that time, probably this summer, I will not carry pastoral responsibilities; I will be absent from the office; and we will not be at the Sunday worship gatherings every week. I will return to a pastoral role in the fall in a part-time capacity and look forward to partnering with Jay and the rest of our leadership as Jesus leads us into the next chapter in our church’s history.

Greater Portland Bible Church is very dear to my heart. Paulette and I count it a real and rare privilege to have been a part of this church family for almost three decades. To have served this church as a pastor for part of that time is just icing on the cake. To be able to continue serving in a pastoral role is ice cream on the icing on the cake. Jesus has given us delight!

See you Sunday,



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