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Getting to Know You

Posted by David Smith on

When I first met my wife, Ruth, it was while we were both attending seminary in Kentucky. To help pay for school, Ruth worked in the student center on campus, in which our gym, weight room, and dining commons were located. I sort of knew Ruth from having checked in at the front desk a few times to come in and exercise, but our conversations consisted of a “Hello!” and a “Thank You!” I was much too reserved to try and strike up a conversation with someone so pretty! One day, though, Ruth happened to be playing music on her computer and it was a band I really loved--my chance to actually talk with her! We then proceeded to have a 45-minute conversation, talking about all sorts of things. I don't remember much of what we actually talked about but I do remember Ruth and how it was one of the most life-giving interactions I had ever had with someone. From that point on, I was a goner. I knew that there was something about this woman that sparked life within me and God has given me the gift of being able to spend the rest of my life with her. 

Why share this with you? We'll, have you ever heard that finding a church is much like dating? Maybe you're new to Greater Portland Bible Church and have attended a few times, but would describe your interaction with the faith community as mainly a “Hello!” and “Thank You!” You haven't had the opportunity to really to get to know us and just wish that there was some way you could have an extended amount of time to discover who we are. As a church, we realize that trying to get acclimated to a new  faith community can be awkward and intimidating (much like dating!). We want to make that acclimation as comfortable as possible and that's why we provide a class called Discover GPBC. Every so often, we take three hours on a Sunday afternoon and for anyone who's interested, provide an opportunity to meet some of our leadership, have lunch together, and learn more about who we are as a church. During the class, you'll hear about our history, our mission, our values, our church structure, our staff, and opportunities for how to get better connected with us. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

The next Discover GPBC class is Sunday, September 10th, from 12-3pm in the Portland Room. You can RSVP online and if you need childcare, just sign up by September 3rd. We'd love to meet you! So come and see why we love Helping People Follow Jesus Together.


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