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The Super Bloom

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Now that we’ve finally hit the end of May, is anyone else out of breath? Did you find yourself counting down the days until June? How many assignments, banquets, recitals, projects, tournaments, tests, deadlines, and trips did you have to get done this last month? If you’re anything...

Relationships Take Work!


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As many of you know, this last Friday was Fight Night! And if you weren’t there, it’s not what it sounds like! We had an amazing night filled with humor, fresh insight, and new strategies for our relationships. The incredible teaching of Les and Leslie Parrott made for such a fun...

The Most Exciting Thing

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It is obvious to most that we have had an incredibly busy season here in Ignite Student Ministries. From October to the New Year we have participated in Pumpkin Slam, Christmas parties, celebrated our leaders, Winterfest, and our students have had one of the busiest seasons they’ve ever...


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This last Thursday, my wife and I found ourselves spending our Thanksgiving in a beautiful home with 12 people who were complete strangers to us six months ago. If you would have asked Kendall and I before we got married how we thought we would be spending our first major holiday together, we...