Student Ministry


The purpose of Ignite Student Ministries is to FUEL PASSION for Christ, by building a culture of faith, hope, and love.


Middle-Schoolers and High-Schoolers (6th through 12th grade)


At Ignite we love having a good time! Whether it’s a night of Finger Blaster Wars, a month of Fear Factor, or building 200' slip 'n slides one thing is for sure…we know how to have a good time. Weekly meetings include hang out time, worship, topical messages, small groups, outreach, service projects and more! Every week we try to connect as a group to have fun, get a little deeper, pray for each other, and be challenged. Each gathering is designed to engage with God through worship and the Bible.


Wednesday evenings from 7:01–8:30pm. Also on Sunday mornings at 9:15am we have Bible and Breakfast time, where we enjoy breakfast together and discuss in depth different passages of the Bible. Then at 10:30am, we join the rest of our Faith Community in the auditorium. We sometimes have events on other days during the week. You can find out more about special events on the church calendar or our Facebook page


At the GPBC Student Center. 


Our heart is to build a ministry that pours not only into the students, but into their families as well. Our passion is to leave students with the LASTING UNDERSTANDING that:

1) I am created to pursue an authentic relationship with my Creator.
2) I belong to Jesus Christ and define who I am by what He says.
3) I exist everyday to demonstrate God’s love in a broken world.


ALL CHURCH Great Chili Cook-Off and Mission Fundraiser!

If you think you have the best chili in the west, it’s time to put your chili where your mouth is. Enter the Ignite Chili Cook-Off on Sunday, July 2, 12-3pm in the Student Center! There are no age restrictions; everyone is welcome. 

Don’t have a chili to enter? No problem! Giddy up on to the youth center, get your spoon into the chili, and cast your vote for your favorite. Better yet, help us round up some outlaws; donate money to the Youth Summer Mission trip and we will put a church member of your choosing in our old west jail during the cook off. Or you could put your bid in on pies that will be up for auction. Everybody needs a pie for the Fourth of July! All donations will go towards the youth summer mission trip to the Blackfeet Nation in Montana.

Needs: Pies to auction off (homemade or purchased), cheese, sour cream, crackers, cinnamon rolls. To enter a chili or provide a need, contact Blake at 503-452-9375 or .

Mission Trip

A group of Igniters is heading to Montana July 15-22 to serve the people of the Black Feet Nation. We'd love your prayers!

 Contact Blake at  with questions or needs.

 Connect with us on Facebook.